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Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Dates and Places in Luhmann Lumann file

Genealogy - Family History of Meyer, Luhmann and Reincecke Families

Surnames:  Reinecke, Reineke, Burmester, Burmeister, Tollschnibbe, Brese, Luhmann, Seisselberg, Meyer

Ort:  Eichdorf, Oldendorf, Duebbekold, Tosterglope,  Kohval, Moislingen, Poimmoissel, Nuedlitz, Metzingen, Ventschau, Hitzacker, Nieperfitz, Nahrendorf

Luhmman, Reinecke  church file

I thought I 'd get around to sharing the  arootdigger document from Oldendorf with  Dahlenburg, Nahrendorf church archives researched records. Hah, Good,   I  did finally get that done.
The  Luhmann/ Lumann dates and place  changes of their family ancestral history..

Notice that Ms. Mertens father was correct in the previous spelling of the Luhmann name.


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