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Saturday, August 2, 2008

I am taking Photos from this beat up old Meyer book; so who is first?

Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer from Oldendorf bei Nahrendorf.
The woman is not a ghost. I can't seem to darken Mary or Dora Schenck in the photo with out destroying Fred's image. I believe they are at Churdan.

This is Frederick Meyer. His photo was next to the one above.

Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer emigrated in 1869 to Hamburg. From that port he went to America. He was suppose to go to Galena, Jo Daviess county in Illinois with his two sisters. From there he went on across the Mississippi river to Jackson county, Iowa. In 1880 census he was found at Tete Des Morts, Jackson county in Iowa.

In 1882, he married his wife, who is next to him in this photo. She was named Mary D. Schenk in the caption.

Jürgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer geb. Oldendorf an der Göhrde 1851.

The obit continues here. And I have added other one. Which speaks of four in the family that died at Lombard, Illinois in a train wreck.

A refresher of our Fred.

7. Kind MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich (M) ev
* 09.12.1851 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 16.12.1851 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 51 1851 -Oldendorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich,
V. : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Hsw. in Oldendorf,
M. : Katharine Margarethe geb Luhmann
Geb. d. 9. Decbr. Abends 7 Uhr, get.d.16. ejusd.
1.) Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Schulze in Oldendorf,
2.) Johann Juergen Heinrich Saucke, Hsw. daselbst,
3.) Heinrich Friedrich Wolter, Musicus daselbst.

+ 25.Sept.1918 Lombard, Illinois by Train wreck
+- Churdan Cemetery, Churdan in Greene county, Iowa.

00 1st. Married 17.05.1882 Maquoketa, Iowa
Mary D. Schenck
* 20.04.1861 Hannover, Germany
+ 26 04.1916 Greene county, Iowa
+- Churdan Cemetry at Churdan in Greene county, Iowa.

Nine Children [Kinder]:

William 20.03.1883-06.07.1959 [Rosa Wilder]
Albert 20.04.1884-14.06.1884
Nettie Sophia 16.03.1885-09.12.1960 [Murry]
Mae 26.12.1886-18.12.1953 [Michels]
John A. 22.03.1888-25.09.1918 [ Emma Gollwitzer]
Lulu Elise 27.10.1889-7.11. 1966
Frederick 20.07.1891-10.09.1895
Otto Henry 18.04.1896-30.01.1962 [Mabel Malone]
Hilda Agatha 02.07.1899-16.04.1939 [Willilam Krengel]

More can be found at the Matthews link at

How about one more face. This is the eldest of Fred and Mary Meyer's children.

Another William. He resided at Wells, Minnesota. Though he is buried in Iowa. More on him later.


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