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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More on Familien Naefke, Ahrens, Grote

Blogging more on Ahrens and Nafke trom my favorite place - FARNHAMVILLE, Ia.
In this case I am sharing information contributed by Mark Kuhlman from the book of Calhoun county History or Biography book. [ More on this book. ] I know the book is available for browsing online. Since I lost many of my favorites bookmarks , I can say, that probably the book is through Google books or Heritage Quest. And quite Possibly through Ancestry. In the past I have looked up many things. I just haven't viewed currently. Many things are still in boxes and I should really get to everything soon before Spring gets here. He sent a scan of pages of Information. I will Use these for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to click on the picture in hopes of a larger image, if your having problems seeing the words.

Note: I hope you are aware that one can purchase books through a used book sites online and also there are people who sell cd's and books at ebay aimed for us Genealogists.

Once I dig my book out of the box, I can look up something for you if you don't locate one. [ Wink]

My Comments, speculations on this information.
Marks Grandfather Ahrens - Born and died at Bleckede
Bleckede could be a city or it could be the area called Bleckede. As you know the Luhmann/ Schmidt came from Kleinburg, which is much Bleckede area. So research on the family church may vary from that of Nahrendorf. I am not even sure if the Dahlenburg archives would contain their information.

Until Mark pointed out that there was two separate immigrations, I had not been aware of this. I only had made note of those who said they were from Oldendorf.

Notice Dorethea spelling of her name. Their has been a few spelling errors on the census involving this family. But that spelling has been consistent.

Could the Henrichson family possibly be connected to those who live in Oregon that connect to some I have researched briefly?.

The first threshers of the area. I also have a picture of the Luhmanns during Threshing season. The Picture was scanned from the book on the Farnhamville village centennial.
Which reminds me of my glass negatives from Irma Martin. I clearly remember that she asked my grandfather, if he knew anyone on them. It was this big old threshing machine belted to a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.???!!

Note, the local heritage center resources which were at a library held many scrapbooks of newspaper clippings of the local residents. Sorry, but I forget if it was Greene or Calhoun.

I thank Mark for his work and generosity and Gary Ramthun for his voluntary kindness.


  1. I find tracing family lines facinating. I traced my Dads side back to 1782 a year or so ago online and love that feeling when having been at a standstill with a generation, a casual look online when you have a spare 5 minutes can suddenly bring up a sudden rush forward of information like falling dominoes...fantastic.
    lol you made me smile when you mentioned talking to friends and family members on the subject until they glaze over...I'm a little guilty of that too heehee

  2. I agree Jo, sometimes I even get some kind of groan from my children and they are immediately on their toes to like referee the situation. Operation rescue?

    My nephew joined me at face book, and I shortly after sent him http addresses to the blog, so he could keep current or pass it on to family. The daughter was wondering why I sent so much to him, as if punishing him by doing so. I admit some are long.

    But you know blogging does help keep the conversations shorter.... cause I get some of it out here.

    It is good to be able to question relatives, though to see what they remember.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Did I have anything that helped?

    I wish I could steal your lines that does describe that feeling so well.
    just me jo



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