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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Genea Blogger is Proud to Present PETERS family - LODES

Mike Lodes has gathered so much information about the Lodes family. I am so grateful for his generous nature of sharing it with the Peter's family.

I am sorry to admit that I have not shared it with all of you since it is the maternal side of Peters, except for the Burger family. It seems that the tree traces back to Wenzel Werber Lodes born 1806 In Bohemia See below. If you remember I mentioned briefly before that I drove to Greene and Calhoun county Iowa by first driving through Mallard Iowa and then Pochahontas county. I was looking for a cemetery as I drove through the tiny village of Mallard Iowa. But I was late for an important date at Pochahontas, Pochahontas county Iowa. So I could spend no more time there. I had forgotten too of the possibility of their religion being catholic ore even Methodist as some Peters are.

His son has the exact name and was born 1843.
The following excerpt from our Peters Relative Gouchenour.

The deceased Wenzel Werber Lodes was born at Habakladrua, Austria, December 8th, 1843. He was united in marriage to Miss Anna Steiner at Habakladrua in the year 1865. To this union six children were born, all of whom survive him. They are F, J.Lodes of Inglewood, Calif., A. F. Lodes. of Madella, Minn., Mesdames John Schuller. J. J. Namer, T. J. Dawson and J. P. Ruppert, all of this vicinity. The three children were born in Austria and came to this country with their parents in December, 1873 and located in Wisconsin. In the year 1879 they settled on the homestead north of Mallard.

Wenzel Werber Lodes [Sr.]

Born *5 Oct 1806 Habakladrau No. 36, Bohemia, Austria Died Mallard, Palo Alto, Iowa
Maria Anna Wurtinger 1820 in Messhalsen Muhle, Bohemia, Austria.
Died + in Maybe Mallard Iowa or in Charlesburg Cemetery in Chilton, Wisconsin My Line flows down through Anthony. I know he has labeled his pictures very tiny, but you can still make out Anthony I think at the far right.


  1. Can anyone provide me an email address for Mike Lodes? He contacted me a year ago but email no longer delivers to his original address.

  2. Gary, I will send a email soon to you in next couple of days. I haven't been in touch lately, but will try to see what I can learn about it, If it doesn't work for you, it may not work for me.
    Are you related?

    And you have a nice blog, I added you to my reading list of blogs.

  3. interesting stuff. i am a lodes too. i live in nj, but was born in trieste, italy in family is originally from Austria..the name Lodes is not common. I have a tree that goes beyond Wenzel to Martin, Lodes in 1724, who had 4 children , Franz born 1760, Anton born 1763, Marie Anna born 1773, and Joanna...all born in Krasonice..claudio lodes at

  4. I am so pleased you commented Claudio Lodes. It never occured to me that someone from the area our family was from would go to another country. I am Not sure why I didn't think of it. I have thought that the more western germans would go to Denmark and Australia as well as South america. Its great meeting more lodes. If You haven't already I can put you in touch with the Mike who has done so much work and the california researcher too. I wasn't sure where that Krasonice is exactly and have wondered how it went for those that did not emigrate. I would like to hear more and I am sure the others would too. Could you share some more with us? I am arootdigger[at]gmail. I haven't worked the google plus circles enough to know what I am doing. I will send you an email soon.

    1. I've lost track of time over these last several years after I initially wrote on your site. I'm in Appleton Wisconsin on business and was wondering, even though it's Easter week, if there are any Lodes' around? I went to the st Charles and st Mary's cemetery to pay my respects. I can be reached at 516-841-9561. Claudio lodes



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