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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hier kann man sich gut erholen -Sweet little School project website in Luneburg - Genealogy - Ventschau.

I hope you have been having a delightful day.
I have been having a delightful day so far. I found this cute, school project, sweet, informative website while browsing for a surname RADEL. [ The name that actually shows up was Frau Kappe-Radel] I enjoyed it so I thought, I would share it today. The web site doesn't pertain to our relatives really, but he does mention that he lives in the village of Ventscahu, the village in Tosterglope location Bleckede [ by Dahlenburg] does deserve genealogy interest. It has been especially in my thoughts these days as I review data of Seil, Schroeder, Michels, Millman, AHRENS [ from Mucklingen] and Juergen Heinrich Christoph SCHENK [18.Jan.1828 ; [Brother, Johann Hch ChristianSchenk geb. 29.Aug.1832- both died Iowa USA];Another brother Johann Juergen Heinrich 5.Mzi.1838. Maria Elisabeth Bergmann [oo - Hans Hch Wilhelm Schenk ] of Boitze daughter of Hans Juergen BERGMANN. SCHENK had married BERGMAN
[ Dahlenburg ] in Boitze and the parents resided VENTSCHAU. There are numerous other surnames of our Luhman, Meyer ancestors in Ventschau. Etc.

Now for the LANZIUS at Johanneum Lüneburg. You definitely can google it and therefore have the opportunity to use the translator as I did. When you translate, often times what happens is that the villages and names are translated to English. In this case Ventschau translates to mean Nation. I think for some reason, that's pretty neat.

The young lad who wrote the material and lives there is only thirteen years old. He and his family love pets like birds, pheasants, rabbits, etc. He mentions school and his teacher. Translation says up until now, he has had good teachers???? [ lol. [ A little tidbit of information is the name Bergman at his school. Some thing to check on. ]

His family came from Luneburg, which explains the name Lanzius, which I don't think blends in with names of the olden days of this area. He lived in Ventschau. I noticed up at the top of the page it says - Johanneum Lüneburg the area students, home page or student body, AG site. I suppose for their privacy, there is no email provided. Some other students have had their contact withheld.

I am going to follow through and take a glimpse at other articles by other students with surnames of Fable, Heitsch in hopes of anything on locations and same as my ancestors. Its kind of fun to see school assignments carried through. It is interesting to note that such a classroom project can be anywhere.

He says " Please visit the site once of Nations ". Hier kann man sich gut erholen. Here you can relax.

I might write to the student body or the boy. Lets see what should I say, besides the fact that I enjoyed reading.Maybe some day he will be a future blogger.
Go ahead and continue on to an even greater day.
just me jo , arootdigger

Further reading for more information on the school project or the school:
and map location of the school Johanneum Lüneburg [inLuneburg.]
[jojo network]

Notice: Ventschau - has recorded their own song which translates to something about horses.
Note: Ventschau is in lower saxony. Do not confuse with Ventschow which is Mecklenburg Vor Pommern. [Nordwest Mecklenburg district]

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