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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fresh blood line found with familes Genealogy of Charles Maves family

A few days before Halloween a work buddy told me her daughter did some research and found out the Maves family is related to that daughter's son. She knew I had some data that I could put my finger on for this family. So a few of these blogs are in honor of that news. I always like to find fresh blood.........lines. tee hee.
So I hope that explains the title. lol. It was about three years ago on Halloween eve as I was checking my emails, I discovered that I had been the Fresh blood line found by my Mothers relative. I razzed him about it. He never confessed to the implication. I suspect it was his humor. At Halloween as I think of this, it makes me smile every time.

She must have done good research because the mother told me about land records and even told me the parents Of Herbert Maves. I do hope I have something here that she does not already have! And I hope she will share her Roth information with me.

At any rate this is the tree that the newly discovered blood line of Maves they fall into.

I. Father: Julius Frederick Maves.
Mother: Charlotte Louise Schwane.

II. Father: Johann Gottlieb MAVES.
Mother: Caroline YOEKES.

III. Charles MAVES
*Born: 18.SEP.1848 at Stettin, Germany
00 Married: 19 JAN 1869.
[Father:Johann Gottlieb MAVES].
Spouse: Augusta HEIN.
*Born: 20.SEP.1849 Germany.
+Died: 31.OCT.1920.

Lydia Maves.
*born: AFT.1868.

Albert MAVES.
*Born: AFT. 1868.
00 Married:
+ Died: UNKNOWN.
Spouses: Linda ALBRIGHT.

*Born: 11 JAN 1875
+Died: 25 DEC 1963.
Los Angeles County, California.
Spouses: Emma HOHLBINE.

*Born: AFT. 1868.
Spouses: Hulda SCHULTZ.

Max William MAVES.
*Born: 7 DEC 1879.
Spouses: Ida SCHAFER.

Victor MAVES
*Born: AFT. 1868.

Herbert Arthur MAVES.
*Born: 29 JUL 1888.
Spouses: Dorothy LUETHE.
[Some of the children John,Paul and Phyllis twins, HAZEL (PHILADELPHIA), Correne]

Nellie MAVES.

*Born: AFT. 1868.
Married: ABT. 1925.
Spouses: Edward LAUSTED.

George MAVES.
*Born: AFT. 1868.
Spouses: 1. Ella HALDEMANN. 2. Alma GASSER.

1) History of Dunn County, 1925
2) - WWI Draft Registration Card
3) Correspondence - Wilbur Wesley Maves to Clarence Emil Maves, November 13, 1982.

I have some information that I found at the court house quite a few years ago. I suppose I don't need to tell you, they are in a clutter of boxes waiting to be organized and filed. I have to move the boxes a little this weekend. I will add more here as time goes on.

Make sure you click on older posts for more information.

Also from this area of Menomonie, Dunn county you will find my posting soon about the family surname Jungck. They through marriages and descension connect to Juergen Wilhelm Meyer Tree. [Grote, Carstensen, Nahnsen, Rowe, Cummings, Lusman, Mosel, Subbert, Naefke]
Please, comment, correct me and email me. If you want.
additional information and stories would be great.
I always love to extend the blood line. arootdigger[at]

I may have to neglect the blog for a few days. In the mean time enjoy older postings, my blog rolls and for etra fun check out my blog Cottage Wannabe for that blog roll.

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