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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


~ Family history- Catharina Margarthea Luhmann's Sisters from Eichdorf ~

I received some records from researcher Friedrich Burmester of Bleckede several years back. I was given it as a reduced rate before his busy season began. I had asked for verification of each of our Cathrina Margaretha Luhmann Meyer sisters. Now bear in mind that they were hand written in German old style. Some words are still not clear to me. Perhaps some day, I can find a willing reader to tell me what it says, if I can get around to scanning the documents. I need to find original letter to double check what I have here. My info is not correlating to another I found.

It was up to me to see if they belonged with my records or not. I am not sure if they all do. Just in case something else pops up it is nice to have.

Nr. 26 1855-1855 PAGEL, Maria geb Karstens, witwe des weil ...
Schifftsknecht [Shiphand Laborer]. Heinrich PAGEL from Glienitz.
Vater : - Hsw. Hans Heinrich KARSTENS in Schutschur
Mutter : - Sophie geb. KRUESE. She was 57 years old.
+ 21.Nov.1855 Nr. / 26 1855 Ang. 57 years.

+ Death- Nr.28 1857
Name: PAGEL, Cath. Doroth. Magdalene. A kinder died in Schuetschur.
+1 jahr 1 monthe 9 days.
Vater: - Hausling, Heinrich Wilhelm PAGEL in Schutschur ....
and frau Doroth. Magdalene geb LUHMANN.

Note: Doroth. Magdalene Luhmann geb.15 ap.1829. Married: oo 26.Dec.1850. She had already been married about 6 years. I am sure she had more children. Or Friederich Burmester would have seen more deaths. Though he did not pick up any other Births, either. + 16 Oct.1857

00/MD. 1850
Name:  PAGEL, HEINRICH Friedrich Wilhelm, shiphand or worker from Schuetschur.
md. / 00 26.Dec.1850
LUHMANN, Margaretha Magdalene Elisabeth, born 15 04.1829

Note : I might have added Margaretha myself just in case one substituted Margaretha for Magdalena.
This record is probably connected to the record below. It is probably to give me an understanding of the Dorth. Luhman Meyer mentioned directly below this next one.

00- 1830
Md-Name:  MEIER, Heinrich Christ., Einwohner... .. Musikus in Ventschau.
Vater : Heinrich Christ. Meier, Hauswirt in Ventschau.... mit [? ] with Kath. Doroth. KOHNKE ...? ...d. [probably daughter] Andreas Christ. KOHNKEE, ?? Hauswirth in ???.

Note: It could be Christian or Christoph.

+ Nr. 8/ 1844
Death- Name:  SCHULZ, Marie Cathr. Dorothee, tochter, daughter
Vater: - Hsw. Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm SCHULZ in Schutschur.
Mutter:  Doroth. MEYER [ or nee MEIER]. LUHMANN.
12 jahr, 9 m, 3 days

+ Nr.1 /1851
+ Death name: SCHULZE, Marie Doroth. Elisabeth of Schutschur, Eh. frau,
55 jahrs 1 Feb. Burial 4.Feb.1851...........da leben.
+ 1 feb. 4 Feb.1851 Nr. /1851.

Death - Nr. 12/ 1855
Husband und shiphand or laborer in Schuetschur.
+ 52 jahrs 3 months, 9 days.
Vater : - Hsw.] weil Juergen SCHULZE in Schuetschur ehefr. geb. ???
Mutter :  geb. GRIMMEL ???
+ 6.Mr.1855.
SCHULZ, Juergen Heinrich, Alt. of Schutschur 65 jahrs 3 days.
Vater:  [Hsw] Juergen Heinrich SCHULZ in Schutschur.
Mutter:  Margrethe Marie Grimmel.

- Nr. 18/ 1859
1827 ......?? alt man and wwe. SCHULZ, Juergen Heinrich of Nahrendorf [ with mit ] Cath. Marg. ?? TIMM. Johann Heinrich TIMM ??..... des Johann Heinrich .....Altgarge??.....des Kothners Johann Heinrich ... Altgarge.

00 05.Dec.1841 ? 4 / Nr.10
Young man single Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm SCHULZ in Schutschur.
[ehel] Johann ??? des??? .... Heinrich Juergen SCHULZ ....[*. dessen]Ehefrau] geb. WULF mit Jgfr. ] Anne Marie LUHMANN, geb. 7.Mr.1820 ....[ehel] daughter des Hauswirths] Johann Juergen LUHMANN in Eichdorf ?.D. [Ehefr] Anna Maria geb. REINEKE ..... zur Nahrendorf cop .10 Des 1841 .

Note: I need to get this one right cause it's possible a member of this family went to America. Her name is correct.


In records SCHULZE,-- in Lehstahl-- Johann Juergen year 1811 SCHULZE, Henrich of Quickborn worked in *Ahnendorf year 1813 SCHULTZ, Clara Margarethe geb. 1636- 05.sept.1754 ????
md. / 00 Juergen LUHMANN, who died 13.jan.1740. Christian Friedrich son of Juergen Luhmann. Christian Friedrich died 8 Feb. 1757.

Note : Now is the perfect time to remind you the sisters had this brother Luhmann, Johann Christoph geb. 15.12.1814 - Estate Manager at Ventschau. + died 27.July.1873.oo md 15.Mai.1859 to a widow Meier, or Meyer, Anna Dorothea Elisabeth of Sueschendorf. Maybe he married last of the children. But I do not see the marriage date for the sister who married the BARTEL of Eichdorf. I don't believe the Friederich Burmester found anything on that couple.

Note : The name CARSTEN(S) occurs with marriage of one or our Behrens to Carstens in Walmsburg.
Note: *Schultz of Ahnendorf could be just Ahndorf

-- work in progress -- jo  arootdigger

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