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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A duh moment requires an Edit Adition to another post.

Do you ever get those Duh moments. And the aaaahhaaahhhhhhhhaa. Now those are the best. And then you do cart wheels. !!

In 2001 I found information on Fehring at a forum, at, which did not match mine or no concrete proof to lead to something. I was doing this search because you already know the Meyer book states a Mary Meyer married a Fehring. Well I received an message from message board in my mail box. So with checking and follow up, and browsing and moving around in that locality, I happen to see something about Fehring and so that led me to my old postings and others about Fehring.

This person mentioned my places, Galena, Jackson county, Clinton county , Iowa. One posting had a Mary Fehring. Gads the birth date is so like my Mary, but I have no name Adelaide as a Mary's middle name.

To make the story longer, I was looking and browsing and posting. I returned to here and reread to make sure it was Ahrens and Aherns. Which can easily be overlooked by me. I noted the dates of that letter Marie Ahrens wrote in 1868 because I had been wondering as I write and search, when she wrote the letter exactly. IT WAS IN November 1868. [The last time I refreshed my memory I noticed Roethen address as Dannenberg.]

This time I reviewed also the schwester and sister- in- law. She said schwester. Which means that she addressed the letter to her sister and brother in law! not brother in law of my sister[ at least I hope that is how it was. Catharina Margaretha Luhmann died in 1856 buried Nahrendorf. I have a record of this. So now, I will have to trot back to some documents in a book as well as on email and files of two marriages mentioned. Type them out with umlauts for you to see here so you can help me! Right?

She couldn't have addressed a letter to a dead sister? Or to brother- in- law of my sister. However, a sister could be living there too. So it is not exact proof this sister is his wife. His translation definitely said to sister and brother- in- law though. hahhhhhhh It is exactly the interpretation Mr. Soltau mentioned as well.
So I will need to edit a correction of my speculations back at that post or will it make it confusing?.

How could I have overlooked that sister as being alive in that letter?

Note: I should find out how to order copies of all of that letter - Herr Soltau translated for me, and I should learn how to type umlauts on a laptop.

Come back and see me later.

just me jo

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