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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your Never Going to Believe This! Genealogie SEIL and KORN

March was a great month wasn't it. What I will be doing at least the beginning of April is a result of surprisingly a little good luck.

You know sometimes one just has good luck and you can't explain it, It just happens and then you just enjoy it.
You know how we spent time this last March on womans History month. I on my Meyer, Seil and Korn women of my family. Well as I was busy here writing and editing trying to write a nice blog, at the same time, another researcher and author, co writer was writing me a letter about My Seil family. I saw it when I had time to check my ancestry messages at my email.

She has the same

Gunda Friesch und Heinrich Porth:
Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen
Ortsfamilienbuch 1670-1895 that I do that has some pages of entry on my Seil / Korn family at Gross Thondorf. She had wanted to update my information that she saw on my post at Ancestry. And you guessed it, since christmas my book is buried somewhere, so I needed it too for this last blog series.

She had mentioned the Hanstedt 1 book. and I had looked it up at a sight like this one . What is actually even more exciting is that she helped him write his Hanstadt 1 book. She also said Heinrich Porth was doing another book on Dreilingen. and Eimke. Yeah!.

I have a few look ups I need to do. Remember in a post a few weeks back where I mentioned the surnames of Heins, Of Nahrendorf with Sanders, Meyer from Kollendorf and Suderburg was mentioned. Well that is the area to be covered.

I love the OFB Himbergen book I have because it is next door to my villages. [I can look up the Meyer from Kollendorf in it too.]

I want all of them! But I am not sure I can afford all of them. I am not sure I actually need all of them. I noticed that the Hanstedt 1 book has some entry of Eichdorf, Nahrendorf and also a Korn and a Luhmann entry. I asked if she would peak to see if it would be something I might want to know about. After all I did give her this blog address.

She didn't know I had that particular book, until she had already sent me the information. I managed to tack part of the information onto the last of my post on my ladies. But I am going to move it up one by itself. So Just know that is where it will be now.

But I am ashamed to say, that I did not remember that my August Wilhelm Seil's wedding was not the year I thought or remembered according to her data that is in that book. So isn't it good I received that information right now. According to the book It is the year 1872, not 1873. and Lizzie was born 1872, not 1873. I will post it for you, including the church document that says it there 1873.

Vollmer is the name on her email address requesting me to write her for the information that she has for me. It happens that she is looking for people who have had families in Himbergen in the book. If she can, she hopes to do a follow up on those families. Or simply a little update on how they did, where they lived and when they died.

She would prefer it if you knew german, but most of us are not that lucky.

So Now I was able to also tell her about the Meyer information and the woman who married him and Leitz was Raetzmann also information given here at this blog . I was able to find this Raetzman family line to a family in Sauk co. wi. They have a lot of names from Himbergen uelzen. So I helped point in the right direction there. I am sorry I couldn't find Paul's tree in his name, just in his wife's, but I'll try again this weekend.

Honest, it is no April fools joke. It's true

So if any of you have used the book and have found your family in it let me know and would like to update the information, and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction. Better yet check your email messages , maybe she has contacted you, and you don't know it. I think it is a great idea. don't you?

just me jo getting busy looking up dates and info.

The Book.
Gunda Friesch und Heinrich Porth:
Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen
Ortsfamilienbuch 1670-1895
mit 6.472 Familien und etwa 20.000 Personen
und umfangreicher historisch-demografischer Auswertung
zu den Orten Almstorf, Boecke, Brockhimbergen, Glieneitz, Gr. Malchau, Gr. Thondorf, Hagen, Himbergen, Hohenfier, Hohenzethen, Kettelstorf, Kl, Thondorf, Kollrndorf, Nievelitz, Reddien, Rohrstorf, Schlagte, Schlankau, Stoetze, Strothe, Testorf, Törwe, Weste, Westersunderberg, Wolfshof und Zieritz
Uelzen 2006
498 Seiten mit 19 Abbildungen und 12 Tabellen,
Museums- und Heimatverein des Kreises Uelzen, € 30,--
Mehr Informationen (alle Namen, alle Orte!)>>

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