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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Fantastic Friday

Dominoes are falling. There is no stopping them. I couldn't help myself. I was browsing due to the aid of someone with information about Millman or Moehlmann and my Mary Ahrens. He thought too that maybe Hillman or even Heleman was mistaken for Moleman Mollman, or Millman. What bothered me about his information was the Mary Ahrens that he had was born in the 1830's. I was looking for a younger age since, she is suppose to be a sister- in- law to my Juergen Friedrich Meyer born 1814 at Neetzendorf and his wife born 1818. But as I have said over and over, maybe he remarried. I had not thought it to be a younger woman with a younger sister! ??

I couldn't stop looking and it payed off. I know I did not get much housework done today. I can't emphasize enough the use of At first I was ticked because so many nice ones were private.
I shall have to take a little time to prepare the Schoop tree information. I am not sure how much I have shared here or at Oldendorf/Nahrendorf blogspot before. I know I have constantly talked of Seil, Ahrens and Schroeder. And I did share the passenger list of the families from Muecklingen. This is the tree that I found and it does lead to Harry Michels, Louis Michels. These are important because they are those that Fred Meyer or Fritz Meyer was in contact with at Tete Des Morts, Jackson county Iowa. He married Mary Dor. Schenk there at Maquoketa She came from Rieckens, Ahrens, and Michels tree. Not only that but one of our Mae Meyer married into the Louis and Harry Michels family. I have to double check the dates. A Meier is mentioned.
I have contacted this person. I just wish I could see her whole tree and not just bits. I shall continue to try.
Yes it is a Fabulous Friday!

Psst : Interesting is that the name Schope, Schoop was at Neetze and by Radenbeck area as well as Nahrendorf too. I am going to look up the Bob ad Carol Townsend, since they had the name in their tree with connections to Nahrendorf. Virginia Bannister comes to mind as well as Muchmow name ?? tree.

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