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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mamre Cemetery in Dunn county, Wisconsin

Tombstones of the Trondheim Husby family at the Mamre Cemetery

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Yesterday, I had published the map in the prior post, but some mishap made the finished blog disappear. So after correcting the blog that remained to make it like the other lost [which was finished] blog, I decided to add the picture of the cemetery in one more blog for Wordless Wednesday.

Directions from Hudson road continues into Highway 29 until you reach Midway Road on the left. Turn left onto the Midway road, which is also 550thAve.
YOU should continue west along the 550th Ave until you reach the Mamre Cemetery out in the country. The stones of the Husby family is grouped together surrounded by cement not far from the first entrance at the east side near 550th Avenue. My view is rather blurry on my computer. The other entrance is at the west side.

Notice the location of the shed.

Note: Midway Settlement is near the Brick Yard road, but across the road. In the the little area of this Midway settlement is a landmark bar called Dean and Sues. Dean & Sue's Bar, 2002 Midway Road, Menomonie.


  1. That is cool adding the map. Was it hard to add?

  2. Wow Alice you are fast. I forgot I was going to wait until midnight or figure out how to predate it. I had two. I thought the second one would be larger. It wasn't. I had it on the previous post, but somehow I lost the finished post earlier today. tonight I saw the old one full of errors still. lol it was corrected on the lost one. Any way. all done. wanted it to be for wordless wed. oh well.

    If you use the google map street view. It helps to pin point the address in the search bar and then move your little man. If you have joined google map, maybe. Then look above the map where it says email or embedded link. cut and paste that into your blog. Iam not sure how to put markers on it. I might have had one previously, but I haven't played with it enough. I also do not know how to turn it in to a still image like a photograph But then I wanted someone to be able to move around to see the midway Settlement.

    I have been doing a lot of them lately. I should probably lay off it for awhile.

    The hardest part is to get the little man where you want him. I am just glad they had filmed for street view on that road.



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