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Friday, May 21, 2010

- Just A Genealogists Personal Chat - Do You Speak My Language

Radians and arc length An alternate definition of radians is sometimes given as a ratio. Instead of taking the unit circle with center at the vertex of the angle, take any circle with center at the vertex of the angle. Then the radian measure of the angle is the ratio of the length of the subtended arc to the radius of the circle. For instance, if ... See Morethe length of the arc is 3 and the radius of the circle is 2, then the radian measure is 1.5. The reason that this definition works is that the length of the subtended arc is proportional to the radius of the circle. In particular, the definition in terms of a ratio gives the same figure as that given above using the unit circle. This alternate definition is more useful, however, since you can use it to relate lengths of arcs to angles. The formula for this relation is radian measure times radius = arc length For instance, an arc of 0.3 radians in a circle of radius 4 has length 0.3 times 4, that is, 1.2. Below is a table of common angles in both degree measurement and radian measurement. Note that the radian measurement is given in terms of . It could, of course, be given decimally, but radian measurement often appears with a factor of...

What in the world do you mean. Can you explain that further. You have lost me at the vertex of the angle. Dah, dah, Spare me the table. The Mathematical language angle is not for me, I am not into the mathematical mood today, thank you very much!.

Instead lets use our Genealogy language. [And the words come across in every language. Even for Mathematicians.]
We just have to be in the right receptive mode. Note everyone is all the time, and I have to remember that. Not everyone thinks it's so wonderful that I have now extended my Michels family. If I were to gloat at work, that I made this new found extension to a woman in Jackson county Iowa. They will smile and say how wonderful for me, with the glazed vacant look in the eyes. The fact that their pose looks like they might be preparing for a get away is suspected. Though at my job, I doubt I would notice.
We are always short handed. Plus with the eco crunch we have more to do well than we have time to do. Were much to busy running and working to get in too much of a lengthy conversation. We might exchange a couple of paragraphs, and that's usually it. I don't get much time to gloat over a new find. The fact that I gloat so many times over each special find is becoming old hat to them. So when I do, I think that they think, so what, Your always finding new relatives. Or someone is always contacting you about a relative.

It may seem like it. But do they understand that it is just my way of saying, I am going to be busily happily emersed this weekend into the research involved with this new genealogical event!! So don't ask me to work for you or come into work to do extra work. I am saying I will be doing extracurricular work of my own. I am saying, I have a life too, it's just different than yours.

Does the average jo understand blogging, I wonder. Up until two and a half years ago, I did not really understand what blogging was all about. I try to educate people on how great it is though. [
big smile with twinkly eyes] As for decorating and gardening, it's like getting free magazines on line.

It helps that '
I blog as I go' the information, when I find it. But at the same time, I have the research done by churches that I publish here for the relatives to pursue. My information clearly shows my sources. They may chart it however they wish. The hard part is to find the information at this blog and at my other blogs depending on the surname. I may try in the future to go to each post and work on my tags. So maybe the names will be easier to find. Perhaps work on my links to those names.

I do really welcome any suggestions, if your going to follow me, or just come by to see what I have.
I would like to make it easier to read. It could, shoud eventually be easier for you one way or another.

Unless you contact me or read further back in my blog, you may not know that I have a separate blog for Heins, Heinz familienamen, family from Celle. I have another one for a maternal surname Husby / Maves. I will probably have another one on the Peter side or the Nahnsen familie from Sch. Holstein / Denmark. I might add a little note at the side of my blog about this in the future.

Recently, I was told by a 'discovered' person, that I could not blog what information I received from them, and well, I will respect that. No, not my latest acquisition. Another one.
And well, I never really get caught up on research, do you? So I guess I am saying, this genealogy, genealogie blog is to inform you about the surnames, people, places, and other things in my genealogist hobby/ life. I don't research for anyone and get paid for it, I might volunteer if the name is not Adam or a revolutionary war type person / descendant. Id be glad to assist if their person is from my area of interests I am a poor part time employee, who has meager income to spend on her hobby and even has had a little time to blog on the side of her married life with children.
Even though family life, My work ethics is a big draw for me, keep in mind that I still speak and read Genealogy.
Personal info....
My children do come home now and then and sometimes they move home a time or two. As in this case, he, my son is bringing home a guest in this next weeks time. The question is Who ? And where would I put him? In my office?

I shall blog as the time and inspiration allow me this next week. My son is moving home. As you know I had a slight organization problem, a little clutter of paper files, etc. Now it will be worse. But there's nothing like a deadline to make one accomplish what gets postponed.

I love blogging as it releases and relieves my cluttered mind of all it has to keep.
So slow it may be here, my heart and mind are here more than my fingers will allow.

ee you later.

I shall have a photo of our guest.

Keep reading, you may just find it here.


  1. You had me wondering there for a bit. Lol. I know what you mean. The glazed over eyes, the quick exits from the conversations.
    Although my sisters were very interested in the family tree my kids and husband really aren't and I have even done his side.
    As for blogging no one knows what I am talking about. My family rarely visits it nor do my friends. My real life ones I mean.
    It is always nice to have the bloggy friends and I have actually met some of them. Just as nice as they were on their blogs.
    Of course...I only follow the best.

  2. I have fallen in love with blogging. Family sometimes cramps my style as far as getting by to visit with some of my favorites. When I first saw your math analogy, it was as if I had stepped back in time two weeks when my son was trying to get me to help him with Algebra 2 problems. Sigh...(his comment). I so understand this entire blog.



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