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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Rootdiggers Genealogy Blog Anniversary

An Aniversary has rolled around with out any major problems. it sure has been fun especially with the changes that has developed. I maybe should take some time to make a few more changes, add a few gadgets, learn some techniques and perhaps some evaluations are in order. One geneablogger I noticed took a lot of time to figure out who is all commenting on her blog, but well that won't happen here.

The anniversary will be passing by here with out a lot of bells and whistles. Maybe with out a lot of new gadgets and changes. More or less as before.

I have added a new blog, which is still in the beginning stage. I just haven't decided if I want it to be more on the Meyer branches in Iowa with the Nahnsens or if it deals with other surnames of the Maternal side of the family. I guess I use the separation of trees in different blogs as one attempt to organize my surnames.

I had intentions of a few little bells for this Blogiversary, but with the stay over trip to Como Conservatory/ Gillette Hospital childrens fund raiser, and the unexpected deer who ran in front of my Daughters vechicle on sunday, it just couldn't happen. [It is strange that it is the same town where her car died the last time about five years ago.] I guess in spite of all the
other wonderful events, the most that counts is that I will still be a genealogist blogging mother of two well children on this coming mothers day. I look forward to more blogging adverntures.

Well thanks to you all, especially Genea-Bloggers for being here this year to support me as a blogger. I shall carry on.


  1. Happy Second Blogiversary Rootdigger! Looking forward to the new blog and many more posts!

  2. Congratulations and many happy blogiversarys to you. Enjoy your blog. I have been thinking about separating out some of my writings into different blogs --- but then I can't think why I would add another thing to keep track of and keep going. Best wishes. Let me know how the new blog goes.

  3. Congratulations on your Blogiversay - look forward to following your blogs further :-)

  4. Thanks guys gals, some one found me again who belongs in the family of Nahnsen with the Seil family name with Coon. The fact that the Blog is working tickles me. thanks for the help and support.

    I shall stay here of course but have the other one for the other part of the family. Not written as often, but there.

    Do any of you know how to stretch the writing area of Script?. Any sites to go to? I really like it, and have one it in the works, but, I prefer the writing area to be a bit wider.

  5. Thanks Mary, so that must be the word. Blogiversary. Maybe I should insert it. {smile]

  6. Jo of Scottish Genealogy, I wonder where your comment area is? I did try to thank you there.

  7. HEY,
    I have left you a couple of emails on your rootdigger gmail account. don't know if you are like me and rarely check that account.

  8. Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad your daughter was not hurt in the encounter with the deer. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary



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