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Thursday, May 27, 2010

War members burial memorial at Nahrendorf, and Thomasburg

I did a little research just for memorial day for you. I stopped looking when I went here. Onlineprojek -- Denkmalprojekts ---- Gefallenendenkmaeler -- "Jahr 2003 von Ahnenforschern für Ahnenforscher". Germany's Online sight of a project for us genealogists of any german soldier fallen in a war. It is a wonderful thing, you can insert the name of your village or google using the right words of course.

There are about three places that the Nahrendorf people have been entered. Pommoissel with Nahrendorf.

There are surrounding villages which make up the church district of Nahrendorf where burials usually were attended.

And there is the Nahrendorf church which holds the four black boards of the names of the fallen during the war.

If you like, you can go there and read the four black boards
with white writing in honours of the 60 war-dead of the First World War. In Pommoißel an honour mark, which specifies a part of the names specified here, is beyond that in addition, to names of war-dead of the Second World War. The Pommoissel names you will find here and a selection at my Oldendorf & Nahrendorf blog. The project is for genealogists, not to glorify anyone necessarily as heroes. I particularity like to see the names of those of Prussian wars which they have at another page. But too I like the world war one listings more than the World war Two listings. It takes them back further closer to the listings of names I have when my children of Jurgen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer and Maria Dorothea Heins Meyer were Babtized at Nahrendorf in 1870's and very early 1880's before they emmigrated in 1884.

There are more names, but these are the ones that I have chosen for this page. I didn't want to copy the whole page. though copy right gives me permission, if it is not for monetary purposes.

Name Place of burial... Date ... Age

Taeger, Otto Nahrendorf 12.08.1914 -27
Bohm, Heinrich Nahrendorf 16.11.1914 -23
Viehn, August Nahrendorf 10.05.1915 35
Schulz, Willi Nahrendorf 30.06.191529
Carstens, Heinrich Nahrnedorf 26.09.1915
Liesenberger, Friedrich 02.02.1916 -21
Steinhauer, Otto Oldendorf
28.10.1914 - 5
Meyer, Heinrich Oldendorf 03.11.1914 - 25
Schlicht, Fritz Oldendorf 13.01.1915 19
Schulze, Heinrich Oldendorf 30.06.1916 -20
CARSTENS, Heinrich Nahrendorf 26.09.1915

Radenbeck of Thomasburg Church District
[Three Meyer men]
Meyer, Franz, Heinrich, Herman, Radenbeck !915
From Thomasburg we also find Saucke and Daetz.
Here too we find Rosseburg.

Comment : The names from that area of the Thomasburg church district ,make me wonder if they came to the Oldendorf/ Nahrendorf area or if the name is just that common in Luneburg Stadt. Often times I would see a person from Suettorf.

And many more interesting names to browse here.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Danzig list mentioned.

just me jo


  1. A nice thing to post for Memorial Day. Thanks.

  2. Your welcome Joan, the information was incomplete, so I edited today.

    Sorry about that. It was earlier posted on another post and moved. If you cut and paste those charts they can carry a lot of html which takes a lot of time to exit it off stage! I tried putting it into note pad and for some reason only half of the documents I put into them are visible. I shall have to figure out that little problem too, so I can make use of it! ahhh life is tough.

  3. Need to fix the error of age five to probably 25. I will check and correct.



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