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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trips to the Old Country

It is my greatest Dream to visit the churches of the old country of my grandparents and those other colonists of Farnhamville, Calhoun County Iowa. If I did so though, I'd have to stay more than a week!

I reread the postcard in the letter that Mr. Stein sent when he sent me the postcard from the Kannings from the
Nahrendorf church. There was a note or letter behind the card! Reading it, I saw that he himself did not get the information, as I may have said somewhere at A Rootdiggerspot blog. I don't know which Kanning went on the trip to Germany. I am going to find out!

I understand why he did not look up anyone else while there. Schroeder and Saucke were their main interest. You would think though, that they would have checked on Heinrich Seil. Would they have been seeking more of the Saucke family and the Schroeder family? Perhaps their other information was in Dannenburg. Also I am sure time was a factor. The Kanning family are not from this area by the Elbe River. They resided much more west.

Kannings are involved with these surnames of Oldendorf / Nahrendorf and Duebbekold:
Nahnsen/ Meyer, Heinrich Seil [geb. * 1859], Friedrich Schroeder and Elisabeth Saucke.
Possibly Another Seil family at Joliet, Illinois.
I am sure I forgot a few.
I wonder if they also went to see the Dahlenburg church archives. Since Maria Elisabeth Saucke's family also lived at Ahndorf by Boitze and Neetzendorf. [ I suspect connections to Tosterglop and Gut Horn as well.]

I just added the message written on back of the post card from Robert Stein at that site. You can see it here.

: If your a faithful reader of my tree blogging, you may already know that I have another family connection to the village of Duebbekold. It is through the family Luhmann again going back a generations from the gr gr grandmother Catharina Margarethea Luhmann with family of Andreas Gehrke.

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