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Friday, January 18, 2013

Meyer Ahrens Family Tree History - Mini Series -Second Marriage

I am all Tickled Tingly Pink.
Welcome back for a new day and a new Post.  Today I am happy to share more of the Mini series of the Meyer and  Ahrens family tree history. I always get tickled pink when I get new lists of Gevattern  or god parents for  my individuals and this time the names ring familiar.    Are you  ready to get all pink and tingly?   So here goes. 


Juergen Friedrich Meyer made a second marriage to  Catharina Dorothea Ahrens.

AHRENS, Catharina Dorothea  (F) ev.
* 31.03.1827  = Nahrendorf Muecklingen
~ 02.04.1827 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-Luth Kirchen gemeinde Nahrendorf.  Nr. 12/1827.
Ahrens, Catharina Dorothea geborene in Muecklingen  am 31 Marz mittags 11 1/2 Uhr. getauft den. 21 ten april.
Eltern:  Johann Heinrich Ahrens, Hauswirth in Mucklingen and Catharina Dorothea Elisabeth geb. SEIL.

1. ) Anna Catharina AHRENS - altentheilerinn, des Kindes Grossmutter.
2. ) Magdalena Dorothea STECKELBERG -  verwitwete Hauslerinn zu Nahrendorf.
3. ) Catharina Margarethea STECKELBERG - Kuhirten Frau zu Breese.

+ 16.03.1890 Oldendorf =  Nahrendorf.
+  [] 19.03.1890 Nahrendorf.
Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister der ev,-Luth Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf Nr. 1/1890.
Meyer, Katharine Dorothea geborene AHRENS witwe in Oldendorf. 62 Jahre 11 Monat 13 Tag.


That's all of the church record about her for the time being. I  want to post her children soon. 

However your not off Scott free yet. There are  still small details  to be discussed.  I  wonder if you noticed the small changes in her name. They usually have that  first name of three names  that they don't really use. But we were only given two.   Sometimes she was Katharine and other times labeled Catharine and Catharina and the 'C' and  'K '  letter changed from time to time. I tried to give exactly what I saw in the  church record.
You may have noticed in the marriage document of the trauregister she was  formally Katharine Dorothea Ahrens and so her mother was Katharine Dorothea Elisabeth  too. Later when it mentioned her baptism and her death she was Catharina just as her mother was Catharina. In regards to the mother they always included her third in the line of  names -  Elisabeth. 

It's interesting too that Catharina  is in the names of the  Godmothers  or Godmutter.  Notice the intermix of the name Magdalena and Margaretha.

I never miss a chance to point out [ wink] this connection to the Rosseburg tree as I give you page 1 link.  and the all important marriage - 
5. *20.3.1828 Johann Jürgen Heinrich MICHELS,
-oo md. 11.10.1857 Margareta Dorothea AHRENS, aus Mücklingen* 
If I am trapping  you here, I might as well make it good, so here's the other  important link.  Eventually I'll help you with that. Up at the left side of the page 72 from Heinrich Borstelmann's book about the hofs of Mucklingen you will see HalbHof 5.  Down on the line of the year 1815 we find the Eh. zw. which is the marriage of her parents.  [I suppose it goes with out saying all the references to Seil in Breese that we can do without now.] Without church proof we see more of their family history. Something I can't get into right now.

Nope, no more.  Your free to move on. Please come back and I will tickle you again. In one of the posts I will relay to you some of the children's godparents / Gevattern  whom are  usually family. As always feel free to ask questions, give comments that we can use here. 

Sources:   The church document from Nahrendorf church archives via Herr Bock. More of it is still coming.

 Only I arootdigger has these documents and there fore no other should have it but family. If you want to copy for your own purpose as a family member ask me. No other should have this on the internet.

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