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Friday, January 17, 2014

A Co - author of Heinrich Porth, Marlies, may be looking or your Family from Uelzen.

REleasing a draft post which may be out of date. Mainly because the book probably is published. I shall have to follow up with the details

In a earlier post I mentioned that a co- author of one of Heinrich Porth's books is researching families from the books. I know because she contacted me about the Himbergen,  August Seil and Lizzie Seils mother, and I am suppose to be working on those technical details right now. I had already found this information, but I accepted it all the same. I also got back to her on some others I had found from that area of Gross Thondorf, Uelzen

And since I have my nose in so many other trees, I have been working on a list of those who who come off of the top of my head. Also I did find a few favorites from Rootsweb World Connect whom I have had some contact or I have done a few look ups on myself.
Plus I sent her the Genzel Tree, which I am suppose to be finishing up a Genealogyofoldendorfund This tree contained some from Nettlestorf, and Possibly Weste, along with Bodenteich. It will help her list. Every since I saw the Genzel tree I have wondered about each Meyer who settled in at Greene and Calhoun county near my Meyer family.

Some one had a little information in their ancestry research from each of the other Meyer trees there at Calhoun county, so I got out my book of Calhoun and relayed some of it in a condensed form.

I was about to do so with a Christoph Meyer of Williams twp. for a blo.  I thought she might be interested,   because he came from Ebstorf, when I stumbled on the tree at Ancestry with it all written out word for word from the book. When I find my own Himbergen book buried here somewhere, I am going to look up his family and see if they connected at all to Himbergen area.
And I want to see if any of them went to Joliet, Jo Davies and maybe Pittsburg. Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, or Oregon.

I Talk genealogy research talk and I forget people who don't  do this stuff;  do not  know the sources and places I refer in general terms. I forget to explain it in detail. In those cases just drop a comment here and I will do my best to tell you where, how, why and what you want to know more about.

I originally broke down and bought that Himbergen book by Porth just to get this Seil information. I didn't know at the time that it would be more read and worn out than the bible.

Note speculation; Hmm I wonder if Karl Rose family was in her updated book.

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