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Friday, January 17, 2014

Herman Henry Meyer

The Juergen Hch. Wilhelm and Maria Dorothea Meyer Children of Calhoun and Greene county, Iowa. 

Child Herman * I don't know when the picture above was taken, but if there are only four children; it had to been taken the year 1884 or slightly the year after. Baby Henry is missing, whom died in 1884, possibly weakened by the trip overseas to America. I had always thought that picture was taken in Germany, but it couldn't have been. I have been told baby Heinrich is buried in Iowa. [ Remind me to look it up very soon] They look like little boys. But they must be elder William standing in the back, Mary, Anna, and Herman. I suppose the girls wear the bows.

Sorry google, but I have to show it again. This is Herman and Annie with relatives that include Anna Vogel Seil and August Seil. Most of the others are unknown. I have thought the year is a year or so after Lyle or Dwights birth. I think some of them are Martins and Stolley. That is Lily by the dog, before her marriage to her husband Harry Carter because that is Harry's sister who was Lily's roommate at college.

naming is often taken wrong.He was often called Herman Henry, but in fact was Henry [Heinrich Friedrich ] Herman. He was called by his third name. I was first told by dad or mom that he was born in 1883.

This is the first showing of the copy of Herman and Annie Seil Meyer's marriage record. I often have to stop and ask myself if they married back home in Iowa or in their new surroundings. But I should tell you that reading the marriage application for license vitals in Iowa was very revealing about, Herman, Annie Seil and the Jaeschkes. it gave me something to start with for a search. You sure can learn a lot about their home areas in Germany and parentage. More on that at another time.

Now that it is posted I at least I can easily glance between posts so I get my stories straight for the details of possible settlement time. Herman was busy working the coal mines probably up to the purchase of the farmland north of Lewisville. I recently earned new perspective on the extremely undeveloped land they moved.. It simply did not relay the same as my mental picture of Lewisville. Madelia and Saint James were slightly more developed. YOu just have to look.

See for yourself Minnesota Reflections : Item Viewer
Title, Farmers Day at Lewisville MN. Description, Local celebration, Farmers Day in Lewisville, Minn. Date of Creation, 5/26/1912. Dimensions, 13.97 x 8.89 ...

Annie Seils grandfather added a wing to the old house. It makes me wonder how they managed the finances of this living together arrangement of the house, property and even chores.
So far it seems that Herman put everything in writing. I haven't found anything about who paid for what, who did what chores, etc. That doesn't mean it didn't exist, but probably burned in the house fire in 1946 and rebuilding 1846-47. They maybe had to draw on what ever money had been saved from any inheritance that Annie might have had and left to Herman and her children. My mom told me that wasn't the first house fire for the Seils/Meyer. I am not sure how they could have had another one and in what home, but she said it was the case. Just a personal observation, however.

Herman and Annie and her parents had an agreement that maybe Annie asked to be done before her death. it was an agreement that Herman would always be responsible for them until their death.

Herman never married again.

He is buried at Mount Hope St James township, Watonwan county, Minnesota.

Histopolis Additional information on Riverside Cemetery, Madelia, Watonwan County, Minnesota, United States and other places is available on

Histopolis Additional information on Lewisville, Watonwan County, Minnesota, United States and other places is available on
August and Anna's death.

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  1. Tall Man in center photo with hat that I have been questioning people about is Ted Sorrenson. Louise's Husband.



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