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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hot linking and Copyright Issues vs. Genealogy reporting

Hi, it's good to be here. I have a few Genealogical issues on my mind dealing with my reporting to download to you today.

Copyright Issues
I have to admit it's built up guilt that brought me here to post today. I was browsing and ran into Dick Eastman's website about copyrights amd another on the issues here [Is this a hotlink?] and then by browsing the Internet about and bloggers violating copywriting issues with and Find a Grave photos.
Let's just say that my conscience has led me to the conclusion that I shouldn't be showing pages from nor should I be Hot linking pages from them or anyone else. I may have to let you find these your self or at let you request them from me.
Hot linking.
I admit I am still a little fuzzy about the Hot linking concept. You may have to clarify that issue yourself, since I shouldn't direct link to those pages.???? [lol]

I won't expand on all the reasons of why I have linked to pages rather than take the images. However from Ancestry sources, I had felt it was okay to do so since it was my Person. I also wanted to share my findings.

I simply wanted to save someone else the work of going through a persons websites in search of a particular picture or a phrase that they are interested in. I thought that linking to them was not stealing their image and a bonus by giving them more traffic.

I had forgotten that Bloggers want you to browse their website from front to back.
But evidently according to websites where I have read the information, direct linking to a page is still bad and called Hot linking.

So even in our little societies, one has to be careful. I have so far avoided doing the Follow Friday, because I have been scared of offending someone. I tried it years ago as a beginner blogger, by a review of a blogger from Minnesota by inserting some of her work into my pages highlighting her talent for words. I wrote her and she never once acknowledged me back. I found out later she was atually offended by my attention to her work. Which I finally figured out was wrong. And I hate to be wrong.

So instead, I had decided I would send them to a particular page rather than remove their content. I would say mainly media content. Even though I am not claiming it as my own. Now with the reading of information, It's not so good to direct link that way.

But now I see one should save the location to a private file. And just say that I found the information at the general blog. I should say I found it at ancestry. I can relay the facts I found at ancestry or anywhere else, but not use their bandwidth in doing so. I don't wish to violate copyright.

So folks if you wish more details on those facts and pages I said I found; go right ahead and email me. Or let me know through comment your interested and I 'll be sure to send it your way.

This also brings up my problem issues of:
1. storage of the locations of my data.
2. a longer time factor in a posting, which actually lends itself to a more creative posting possibility.
3. matters of my sources which Is not the greatest idea any way of using a website as a source of information. One must go past that basic website location.
4. whether I go back and place some of my pages in draft or a hold position until I correct this. And am I going to go back and change all my pages?
5. details of main page, home page and joint pages.

I have browsed to see if I am the only blogger who does this, and there is comfort in saying I am not. However, not all of those who use's pages have Adsense on their pages. I do. And I realize that Google ads do not want copyright issues. I am still going to link to sites and not direct linking is going to be sooo very difficult for me for awhile. I had many ads on my site from which seem to be gone lately. And this disturbs me.

Now if you notice some item you wanted to browse or some detail your not seeing, it probably is on hold, just ask and I will share it with you. I welcome your opinion on this hot topic.
If you have tips and advice Please send it my way.


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