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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sentimental Saturday or Stories of Ancestors

Today I think I shall combine them all into a little sweet blogging about some baking the Meyer family did at the Farm. All due to an inspiring recipe I just read at Mom's Country Cookin. She has this recipe for brownies which uses the ingredient of sour milk. It started me thinking how normally these days one just tosses out sour milk.

I myself forget and just toss it out or maybe I do it because I am less inclined to bake cookies than my mother was. She would make up a big batches of cookies for us on our Sunday visits, which she would keep in her ice cream pail. Our families each [which were a lot of us] would eat those cookies like there was no tomorrow.

One of my relatives had asked me for some recipes of Grandma Annie Seil part of the family, which of course have been misplaced for some time now. She had only asked, because I had said I found it in one of those local advertisement pamphlets. At first when she asked, all I could think of at was My aunts date cookies with the burnt sugar frosting.

I didn't think of mom's sour cream cookies and her other cookies. I think because mom was still around then, and maybe I thought everyone was making those cookies too. I am not sure if she used sour milk exactly, but I am sure it was nearly the same thing. I am sure she had variations of her recipe.

I did a little look over the Internet to see how common they are, and  it  is, well,  pretty common. Every woman though has her own secret thing she adds. Maybe those cookies are not so desirable now, cause they call for Crisco. Some people maybe want to avoid that type of product, and that could be a reason for the falling out of appeal of the cookie. Mom and I like to use half and half when we baked chocolate chip cookies and other kinds as well.

Sometimes for something special of a baking day she would go down to the barn into the little room off the left in that new barn and take the creamier part of the milk from the milk separator. Some days as she got ready to bake, when I was small, I would be sent down to get it from dad and carry it back to the house, as if it were the special mission not to spill it or let the cats get it from me, as I would slowly go with the heavy pail carefully back up the little hill incline to the house.

I am not sure how it would happen, but sometimes dads milk would go sour in the separator. I am not sure if was lack of cooling electricity, being gone to long. But it happened. That meant a marathon of baking to use up the milk, so it wouldn't go to waste. That meant sour cream pudding too towards the end of the milk. Bread Pudding. If we were really lucky it could be Homemade Ice cream. Mom especially liked to make Chocolate chip or Banana flavored Ice Cream. mmm  ym I gotta go got this craving for Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey,  which is close but not the same.

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