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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The 'ol' copyright issues in this new year.

Hi Everyone,

You haven't missed any informational genealogy posts yet. They simply haven't been done. Instead - I am mulling over the copyright issues that will involve some of us; who took a few risks posting other's material. Even though we gave credit due. I've noticed that other bloggers posted pictures etc., when they did not know to whom it belonged. So I have decisions to make. Reviewing to do.

I especially used whole documents, which do not open enough to be readable. Which may also be of questionable use. I freely quoted, with documentation.
So I still think there are a few items on a few pages that call for some Editing. I hope you readers feel free to ask if you wish to see the original document. I will try to supply better sources other than website links to my information.

Would it help if I devoted a page with notes and links the pages that were changed?.

So that will keep me busy. I think that I may be tempted from time to time to shorten some posts, so if you see new posts it might be due to that inspiration.

--At present--
I kind of put newly found trees in the back burner and move on to the next. I never really studied all the individual names and places. They seem to be like me at a bar in the olden days - mingle with like, but never connected with anyone. So I thought I should be arootdigger and dig out trees of Rosseborg/ Wenige/ Thiele/Petesch & Schroeder. The names Warnecke, Schoop, Bagung are intriguing me today.

You know I won't be able to keep myself from jotting down some thoughts as I do so.
You never know, I just might share a few of those thoughts.
So it might be a good idea to check in to see.

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