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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Luhmann Family Familie Chronik tree Genealogy With Meyer Family History

Work in Progress. Work done by Ms. Chance and I.

Descendants of Henning Luhmann

Generation No. 1

1. Henning1 Luhmann died July 30, 1673. He married Helena ?. She died April 24, 1679.

Children of Henning Luhmann and Helena ? are:
2. i. Schwiebert2 Luhmann, d. February 16, 1687/88.
ii. Engel Luhmann, b. Abt. 1645.
iii. Unknown Luhmann, b. May 12, 1660; d. May 12, 1660.

Generation No. 2

2. Schwiebert2 Luhmann (Henning1) died February 16, 1687/88. He married (1) Anna BRESE. She was born in Nahrendorf, Germany, and died November 26, 1672. He married (2) ? Abt. 1673.

Children of Schwiebert Luhmann and Anna Brese are:
i. Heinrich Jurgen3 Luhmann, b. March 08, 1664/65, Eichdorf, Germany.
ii. Anna Dorothea Luhmann, b. August 28, 1667, Eichdorf, Germany.

Children of Schwiebert Luhmann and ? are:
3. iii. Jurgen3 Luhmann, b. 1673, Eichdorf, Germany; d. January 13, 1739/40.
iv. Claus Jacob Luhmann, b. February 08, 1675/76, Eichdorf, Germany; d. May 29, 1755.
v. Hans Diedrich Luhmann, b. February 27, 1677/78, Eichdorf, Germany.
vi. Valentin Johann Luhmann, b. October 19, 1681, Eichdorf, Germany; d. February 15, 1730/31.

Generation No. 3

3. Jurgen3 Luhmann (Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born 1673 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died January 13, 1739/40. He married Clara Margarethe SCHULTZ*. She died September 05, 1754.

Children of Jurgen Luhmann and Clara Schultz are:
i. Christian Friedrich4 Luhmann, b. May 03, 1712, Eichdorf, Germany; d. February 08, 1757; m. Anna Margaretha MUELLER*; b. Abt. 1716, Kovahl, Germany; d. August 04, 1786.
ii. Anthon Frantz Luhmann, b. January 26, 1713/14, Eichdorf, Germany; m. ?, October 19, 1747, Bostelwiebeck, Germany.
iii. Dorothea Maria Luhmann, b. January 24, 1715/16, Eichdorf, Germany.
iv. Heinrich Jurgen Luhmann*, b. September 20, 1717, Eichdorf, Germany; m. ?, October 29, 1757, Leestahl, Germany.

More About Heinrich Jurgen Luhmann:
Occupation: Shepherd

v. Johann Peter Luhmann, b. January 02, 1720/21, Eichdorf, Germany; d. Abt. 1775, Breese, Germany; m. ?, June 19, 1751, Breese, Germany.
vi. Hans Jurgen Luhmann, b. July 05, 1722; m. ?, 1763, Bostelwiebeck, Germany.
4. vii. Valentin Luhmann, b. March 05, 1723/24, Eichdorf, Germany; d. May 15, 1793.
viii. Catharina Margaretha Luhmann, b. April 12, 1727, Eichdorf, Germany; d. October 06, 1729, Eichdorf, Germany.

Generation No. 4

4. Valentin4 Luhmann (Jurgen3, Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born March 05, 1723/24 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died May 15, 1793. He married Catharina Sophia MUELLER* October 02, 1752. She was born 1732 in Kovahl, Germany, and died January 01, 1789.

More About Valentin Luhmann:
Occupation: Shepherd

Children of Valentin Luhmann and Catharina Muller are:
5. i. Jurgen Heinrich5 Luhmann, b. April 29, 1753, Eichdorf, Germany; d. Bef. 1809.
ii. Anna Dorothea Sophia Luhmann, b. January 11, 1755, Eichdorf, Germany.
iii. Anna Margaretha Luhmann, b. January 28, 1757, Eichdorf, Germany; d. July 18, 1765.
iv. Catharina Elisabeth Luhmann, b. July 30, 1759, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Friedrich Wilhelm RIES, November 15, 1782.

More About Friedrich Wilhelm Ries:
Occupation: Landlord
Residence: Oldendorf, Germany

v. Elisabeth Margarethe Luhmann, b. November 23, 1761, Eichdorf, Germany.
vi. Maria Magdalena Luhmann, b. March 23, 1764, Eichdorf, Germany.
vii. Anna Margarete Luhmann, b. December 01, 1766, Eichdorf, Germany; d. April 14, 1767.
viii. Johann Friedrich Luhmann, b. June 14, 1768, Eichdorf, Germany.
ix. Ernst Ludewig Luhmann, b. September 06, 1772.

Generation No. 5

5. Jurgen Heinrich5 Luhmann (Valentin4, Jurgen3, Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born April 29, 1753 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died Bef. 1809. He married Catharina Elizabeth GEHRKE November 19, 1784, daughter of Andreas Heinrich GEHRKE. She was born 1757, and died December 08, 1822.

Children of Jurgen Luhmann and Catharina Gehrke are:
6. i. Johann Jurgen6 Luhmann, b. September 26, 1785, Eichdorf, Germany; d. March 06, 1843.
ii. Catharina Elisabeth Luhmann, b. June 21, 1788, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Johann Jurgen BARTELS, November 10, 1812.

More About Johann Jurgen Bartels:
Residence: Eichdorf, Germany

iii. Margaretha Magdalena Luhmann, b. March 13, 1791, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Jurgen Christoph Heinrich SEIL, November 16, 1810.
iv. Catharina Maria Luhmann, b. June 26, 1794, Eichdorf, Germany; d. October 07, 1848; m. Jurgen Friedrich SEIL*, April 30, 1822.

More About Jurgen Friedrich Seil:
Occupation: Farm hand
Residence: Luben, Germany

Generation No. 6

6. Johann Jurgen6 Luhmann (Jurgen Heinrich5, Valentin4, Jurgen3, Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born September 26, 1785 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died March 06, 1843. He married Anna Maria REINECKE* November 11, 1809. She was born 1791 in Nahrendorf, Germany, and died December 02, 1867.

Children of Johann Luhmann and Anna REINECKE are:
i. Johann Jurgen Christian7 Luhmann, b. November 30, 1809, Eichdorf, Germany; d. December 04, 1809.
ii. Unknown Luhmann, b. Abt. 1811, Eichdorf, Germany; d. Abt. 1811.

More About Unknown Luhmann:
Cause of Death: Stillborn

iii. Anna Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann, b. October 10, 1812, Eichdorf, Germany.
iv. Jurgen Hienrich Luhmann, b. October 10, 1812, Eichdorf, Germany.

Notes for Jurgen Hienrich Luhmann:
Jurgen sold the property in Eichdorf in 1876, thus ending the 220 year history of the Luhmann family of Eichdorf.

v. Johann Christoph Luhmann, b. December 15, 1814, Eichdorf, Germany; d. July 27, 1873; m. Anna Dorothea Elisabeth MEYER[MEIER], May 15, 1859.
7. vi. Catharina Margaretha Luhmann, b. January 26, 1818, Eichdorf, Germany; d. 1855, Germany.
vii. Anna Maria Luhmann, b. March 07, 1820, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Jurgen Heinrich Wilhelm SCHULZ+, December 05, 1841.

More About Jurgen Heinrich Wilhelm SCHULZ:
Residence: Schutschur, Germany

viii. Johann Jurgen Ludwig Luhmann, b. December 19, 1821; d. May 14, 1822.
ix. Anna Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann*, b. September 15, 1823, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Johann Heinrich Christoph SCHLAPHOF[F]*+, October 18, 1843.

More About Johann Heinrich Christoph Schlaphof:
Occupation: Farm hand

x. Catharine Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann, b. August 19, 1825, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Johann Jurgen BARTELS.
xi. Johann Jurgen Luhmann, b. September 27, 1827, Eichdorf, Germany; d. December 22, 1827.
xii. Jurgen Friedrich Luhmann, b. September 27, 1827, Eichdorf, Germany; d. December 24, 1827.
xiii. Unknown Luhmann, b. September 27, 1827, Eichdorf, Germany; d. September 27, 1827.

More About Unknown Luhmann:
Cause of Death: Stillborn

xiv. Margaretha Magdalene Elisabeth Luhmann, b. April 15, 1829, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm PAGEL+, December 26, 1850.

More About Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Pagel:
Residence: Schutschur, Germany

Generation No. 7

7. Catharina Margaretha7 Luhmann (Johann Jurgen6, Jurgen Heinrich5, Valentin4, Jurgen3, Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born January 26, 1818 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died 1855 in Germany. She married Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich MEYER May 18, 1838 in Nahrendorf, Germany, son of Johann Meyer and Maria BEHRENS. He was born 29.11.1814 in Neetzendorf, Germany.

Notes for Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer:
In 1845, Jurgen bought property in Oldendorf, and at the same time was employed as a game warden at the Royal Prussian game preserve in Roethen, for Kaiser Wilhelm I.

More About Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer:
Occupation: Shepherd, Hausling, Park warden at Game Reserve Roethen

Children of Catharina Luhmann and Jurgen Meyer are:
i. Katharina Maria Elisabeth8 Meyer, b. October 24, 1839, Eichdorf, Germany.
ii. Unknown Meyer, b. December 21, 1840, Eichdorf, Germany; d. December 21, 1840, Eichdorf, Germany.

More About Unknown Meyer:
Cause of Death: Stillborn

iii. Katharina Margarethe Elisabeth Meyer, b. February 02, 1842, Eichdorf, Germany.
8. iv. Jurgen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer+, b. October 07, 1843, Eichdorf, Germany; d. May 17, 1929, Greene County, Iowa.
v. Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer, b. September 12, 1845, Eichdorf, Germany.
vi. Maria Katharina Meyer, b. October 27, 1847, Oldendorf, Germany.
vii. Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer, b. October 15, 1849, Oldendorf, Germany.
9. viii. Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer+, b. December 09, 1851, Oldendorf, Germany; d. September 25, 1918, Lombard, Illinois.

Nebraska and Minnesota
+Additonal data about Martens tree.

More to come.

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